Fountain Hills Theater Depends on Volunteers

Whether your interest is acting, sewing, painting, carpentry or box office, we have a place for you!

Volunteer forms are located at the Box Office.

Call for details 480-837-9661

Volunteer Openings

Box Office: For each of the 15 productions the box office needs 1-2 people to check in people and give out will call tickets. Box office people are at the theater ½ hour before the lobby opens and if seating is available, may attend the show. The only requirement is that people are tidy in their clothes, personable and well groomed.

Bulk Mail: Essential business component for the theater is communication for shows, auditions, announcements, events etc. Because of the size of the theater database communication is generally through bulk mailing. Bulk mail involves photocopying, assembling, placing labels and dropping off the mail at the Scottsdale bulk mail outlet. We need 4-5 people to be trained for this area and it could take several hours for each mailing.

Calling: This is a crucial group for a smooth running operation. It can also be fun as you get to know others who enjoy the theater. Calling can take place at the theater or at home or office. Generally it is for reminders, volunteer needs for theater projects, follow up, or welcoming new patron or volunteers. We need about 6 people for this group and the time commitment will vary.

Clean-up: With double the building space we need help in keeping it spiffy indoors and outdoors. This will involve sweeping, dusting, vacuuming, and tidying up. 2-3 people would be very helpful for this.

Clerical: If you have office skills or are very organized the theater could really use you in the office for filing, typing, data entry and other office work. 4 people need to be trained in the theater’s procedures and will be called upon periodically.

Construction: With building construction and on-going set construction and other carpentry, electrical, plumbing etc needs, we are looking for a large group of skilled, semi-skilled, unskilled people in all construction areas. This team will also handle maintenance and repair of the facility.

Costuming: Help with the design and actual construction and fitting of the costumes as well as people who simply can sew on buttons and run around searching for and picking up fabric, feathers and knick knacks that are needed for the grand costume illusion. This is very rewarding and just plain fun as well as work. This year with the addition of the Youth Theater there will be a lot of costumes needed and therefore we need 8-10 people.

Decorations: During the holiday season and at special events such as Broadway in the Desert, Season Opening, Receptions, etc. we need a group that will help create, find, unpack, assemble, and then restore our special event decorations. 6-8 people will be needed periodically.

Food/cooking: The theater is a hungry crowd and food is always welcomed. For special events, receptions, late rehearsals, construction projects, whatever, food always makes things go more smoothly. This will be a pretty active group of 12 or so people sometimes merely picking out and picking up food or making and displaying it.

Fundraising: If you enjoy creating and implementing fundraising projects big and small, this would be your group. Some fundraising projects are already in place but others are only a thought. This will be a very important group as the theater goes from big to bigger.

Hair and Makeup: Background in hair and makeup or a really serious interest in this area is a must. We need 2-3 people to handle the heavy show schedule.

Hospitality: At the theater door, at events, or in the community we need people of goodwill who will welcome others to the theater as patrons or volunteers or potential donors. This group will be well educated in the history, current situation, accomplishments etc. For those in the group who are willing, they will lead “Behind the Curtain Tours” and help speak at social clubs in the area. We need a 12-14 people.

New Volunteer Development: Volunteers are the backbone of the theater and to have effective people we need to find out what they want to do and train them. This team will work together to create a system and put it in place.

Painting the Set: Fun, interesting and rewarding. This will be a spontaneous group because sometimes the painting is delayed due to scheduling, changes, and redesign. We need about 10 people.

Ushering: We need 10-12 people to take tickets and give out programs at the door. The only requirement is that the people are personable, tidy in their clothes, and well groomed.

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