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Ross Collins

Dear Theater Patron!

Thank you for your interest and generous support of the Fountain Hills Youth Theater!

This 2011 – 2012 season marks a big milestone for us here at FHYT… Our tenth Season as a full time youth theater!   Ten seasons dedicated to presenting award winning, top notch plays, murder mysteries, workshops, and outreach while at the same time generating an environment that nurtures creativity, personal and artistic growth, self-discipline and respect for self and others.

Participation in theater productions and workshops offers young people many benefits. They learn the importance of delegating their time wisely to accomplish short and long-term goals such as preparing lines and /or movements by a designated date. They learn how to shoulder responsibility by having to show up on time to rehearsal and act as a responsible member of an ensemble cast that depends on them. The self-confidence they gain through performing carries over into many other aspects of their lives as well. I’ve seen a number of times where C or D students improve their scholastic performance to B’s and A’s after becoming involved in theater.  And yet, who would have dreamed that reaping all of these serious benefits could be so much fun too?

While the benefits for self are many, theater is also an excellent way to reach out to other youth who are at risk or dealing with personal issues.  Our steadily growing outreach programs are designed to not only entertain but to educate as well.  Our FHYT Fable Troupe entertains young audiences and teaches that with a few props and a lot of imagination, theater can be accessible to anyone! With our Y*A*B*O*Y (Young Actors Benefiting Other Youth) productions we attempt to not only point out problems facing youth, but offer examples and solutions that young people can follow to make a positive difference in their lives.

It is my sincere hope that with each production, both regular season and YABOY, our youth will see that being young won’t necessarily preclude them from being able to make a difference in the world and offer solutions that can benefit mankind for generations to come!

Thank you for helping to make our first decade so productive and successful, and stay with us as we grow through many more to come!

Ross Collins

Artistic / Technical Director

FHT Youth Theater

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